China Slowing Down the Ball and Concentrating on the Silk Road


China has a greater plan, and that was yet again reminded to all of us earlier this month when the State Council released new regulation aiming to put a stop to any “irrational” outbound direct investments. Purchasing sports clubs or movie studios, investing in entertainment or in gambling, in hotels or properties that don’t have any relation to the investor’s main business, doesn’t help in any way the most important project for China – the development and promotion of the “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) initiative and Beijing insists on being very clear that is a problem.

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Under Armour vs. Uncle Martian – The End

Under Armour

In case you haven’t heard yet, a year-long legal battle is over. Last week, the People’s Higher Court of Fujian Province ruled in favor of the American sports apparel and footwear brand Under Armour suing the Chinese copycat Uncle Martian for trademark infringement. In conclusion, the copycat must pay approximately $300,000 USD in damages, publish a statement to eliminate the deleterious effect of the infringement and to destroy all infringing products. Continue reading



Progress is always knocking on the door. However, there has been a particular technology that we left “standing” affront of that same door for the past nearly thirty years (at least in the form we know nowadays).[1] Virtual Reality is not new, but more and more new applications of it are presented to us literally with the speed of the light. In order of this article to be concise, we will concentrate only on the VR’s impact on sports but should be noted the huge influence the technology has in medicine, media, marketing and many other spheres of our lives. [2]

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