A Top-Down Approach: Tax Incentives and Their Effect on the Chinese Movie Industry


The overall Chinese economy seems to be slowing down. Certain aspects of the economy, however, are growing fast. Fueled by an expanding middle class and the State government’s effort to transition from a manufacturing economy to a service one, the movie industry is growing at an extraordinary pace despite the downward pressure of the overall economy.

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Which Smash Bros?


super-mario-1508624_960_720A brand “new” mobile video game for smartphones has just been released in China. The name of this game sure sounds familiar to any video gamer’s ears – Pocket All-Stars Smash Bros. This name reminds us of the beloved and famous Nintendo Super Smash Bros. multiplayer fighting game franchise, which allows players to brawl using their favorite Nintendo characters in epic matches.  However, the characters used in the Chinese Pocket All-Stars version are identical to the ones in the Nintendo game.

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